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Commentary: The Case for Inclusion
MorePeople walk during sunset in New York City.(LOIC VENANCE/AFP/Getty Images)
Diversity and inclusion are often spoken of interchangeably, but they mean different things and have different policy implications for cities to consider.
While racial diversity reflects how many residents are from different racial and ethnic backgrounds, racial inclusion, as we define it, is the extent to which residents of all races and ethnicities – particularly historically excluded groups – have the opportunity to benefit from and contribute to economic prosperity.
More diverse cities can be more inclusive, but the two don't always coincide. Even in diverse cities, power and prosperity may still be concentrated within one group. Overcoming the legacy of centuries of racist policies and practices requires city leaders to act intentionally.
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Amid Detroit's Rebirth, Many African Americans Feel Left Behind ]So which cities are more aligned, and which d..

Report: Rust Belt, Deep South Home to Most Economically Segregated School DistrictsThe 37 most economically segregated boundaries in the U.S. are concentrated in only four states in the Rust Belt region.By Lauren Camera, Senior Education Writer Jan. 22, 2020Report: School Borders Remain Divisive
MoreWilbur Wright Elementary School in Cleveland, Ohio. Ohio is home to 17 of the 37 most economically segregated boundaries in the U.S. The other 20 are concentrated in only three other states in the Rust Belt region: Ohio, New York, Michigan and Pennsylvania.EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images
The 50 most economically segregated school district borders in the country – borders that isolate communities with high rates of poverty from their wealthier neighbors – are clustered in just 13 states concentrated in the Rust Belt and Deep South swaths of the U.S.
The findings are part of an update to EdBuild's “Fault Lines” report, published three years ago, which measures economic segregation alon..

America’s Most Diverse City Is Scarred by Its Past
MoreA mural adorns downtown Stockton, California. (Brett Ziegler for USN&WR)
STOCKTON, Calif. — A few dozen kids played outside a downtown school this fall under a six-story mural featuring a local community organizer and Martin Luther King Jr. Scrawled across the mural is a quote from the city's high-profile mayor, Michael Tubbs: “The most important investment we can make is an investment in our people.”
Tubbs' message is an urgent one in Stockton, an already-poor port city that was ravaged by the 2008 housing crisis. In 2018, Stockton – whose roughly 310,000 residents were 42% Hispanic, 24% Asian, 19% non-Hispanic white and 13% black – was the most racially diverse large city in America, according to a U.S. News analysis based on recent census data.
America’s Cities Are Becoming More Diverse, New Analysis Shows ]While city leaders champion Stockton's diversity, it's also linked to racial tensions and dire..

Childhood Opportunity Varies Dramatically by NeighborhoodA new report shows stark inequities in neighborhood conditions for children across the country, holding serious implications for later in life.By Gaby Galvin, Staff Writer Jan. 22, 2020Life Expectancy Linked to Neighborhood Opportunity
MoreResearchers measured children's access to opportunity in more than 70,000 neighborhoods across the U.S.(Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images)
In the Memphis, Tennessee, metro area, 40% of children live in some of the toughest neighborhood conditions in the country. Yet there are also pockets of prosperity, giving kids in the same area a better chance to grow up healthy and thriving – and a life expectancy that’s 9.3 years longer, according to a new report.
While Memphis' case is extreme, it's far from the only metro area to see a wide neighborhood-level gap in children's ability to grow up healthy. These disparities have been playing out in communities across the U.S., acc..

Study: Higher Poverty Tied to Increased Youth Suicide RiskIncreases in poverty and youth suicide rates go hand in hand, a new analysis shows.By Gaby Galvin, Staff Writer Jan. 27, 2020The Link Between Poverty, Youth Suicide
MoreResearchers found youth suicide rates rose in a “stepwise” manner across five levels of county poverty concentration.(Vladimir Zapletin/Getty Images)
Young people are more likely to die by suicide in high-poverty communities, a new study indicates.
Youth suicide rates have climbed in the U.S. in recent years, and the new study, published Monday in the journal JAMA Pediatrics, examines where young people may be most at-risk. The analysis of nearly 21,000 deaths over a decade shows that in U.S. counties with poverty rates of at least 20%, people 5 to 19 years old were 37% more likely to die by suicide than people in counties where less than 5% of residents lived in poverty.
“As a pediatrician, I do find it troubling that the number of children dying by suicide (has..

The Moral Imperative to Fight Tropical DiseasesThe continued collaboration between U.S. government programs and faith-based organizations is critical in reducing global disease and poverty.By Allyson Bear and Andreas Nshala Jan. 29, 2020Commentary: Fighting Tropical Diseases
MoreEntomologists study mosquitoes in the entomology laboratory at the National Center for Research and Training on Malaria, in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso on Aug. 22, 2019.(OLYMPIA DE MAISMONT/AFP/Getty Images)
Fatima Murilimu Bushin was losing her sight and was scared.
She said what worried her most wasn't the fear of a long, painful journey to blindness. She feared not being able to feed her family because blindness would keep her from working and providing, as mothers do.
The ultimate tragedy is that Bushin's condition was preventable and, if caught in time, stoppable. She was among thousands of women in Tanzania who suffered from trachoma, a contagious disease affecting largely poor communit..

More Students Are Homeless Than Ever BeforeWhile the number of homeless students increased, the number of those staying in emergency shelters or transitional housing declined.By Lauren Camera, Senior Education Writer Jan. 30, 2020More Students Are Homeless Than Ever Before
More“The record number of children and youth experiencing homelessness nationwide is alarming,” says Barbara Duffield, executive director of SchoolHouse Connection.(Getty Stock Images)
More students are living in emergency shelters, cars, motels, on the street or in some other temporary housing situation than ever before, new federal data shows.
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Editorial Cartoons on Education ]Public schools identified more than 1.5 million children experiencing homelessness during the 2017-18 school year – an 11% increase over the previous school year and the highest number ever recorded.
The biggest increase appeared in the number of homeless students living in unsheltered situations, such as in a car, in parks and on the..

Western Cities Scramble to Comply With Court Ruling on HomelessnessCities are grappling with a court decision concerning how they can address public camping.By Gregory Scruggs, Contributor Feb. 10, 2020Cities React to Court Ruling on Homelessness
MoreTents line a street in downtown Los Angeles on Nov. 28, 2019.(APU GOMES/AFP/Getty Images)
In early September 2018, multiple homeless encampments sprang up in Modesto, California's parks seemingly overnight. The sudden arrival of dozens of tents caught city officials off guard. The likely reason for the brazen move? A court ruling.
California to Address Homelessness ]On Sept. 4, 2018, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in the case Martin v. City of Boise that cities could not prohibit homeless people from camping in public places unless they had adequate shelter available. Modesto had an anti-camping law on the books since 2012, but Martin v. Boise called the law's constitutionality into question. The tent camps,..

States Increasingly Turn to Machine Learning and Algorithms to Detect FraudAutomated algorithms – not humans – are increasingly making decisions about who’s eligible for welfare benefits.By The Conversation, Contributor Feb. 14, 2020AI Algorithms to Detect Welfare Fraud Often Punish the Poor
MoreSome of the artificial intelligence algorithms use machine learning – a form of artificial intelligence – to replace decisions that would otherwise be made by humans. (Getty Stock Images)
By Michele Gilman
President Donald Trump recently suggested there is “tremendous fraud” in government welfare programs.
Mountain States Best at Bringing Down Poverty ]Although there's very little evidence to back up his claim, he's hardly the first politician – conservative or liberal – to vow to crack down on fraud and waste in America's social safety net.
States – which are charged with distributing and overseeing many federally funded benefits – are taking these fraud acc..

۱۰ Best States for Older AmericansThese 10 states ranked among the best for America’s seniors, according to a new report.By Andrew Soergel, Senior Writer, Economics Feb. 24, 202010 Best States for Older Americans
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Andrew Soergel is a senior writer covering economics for U.S. News & World Report. He joined … Read more
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